Privacy Policy

Notice of Personal Information Use - TechPubs

As part of our commitment to improving accessibility to mandatory technical documentation related to Safran Seats products, Safran Seats, guided by its legitimate interests in digitization and contractual commitments, processes the following personal information:

  • Identification: First Name, Last Name
  • Contact Information: Email address, company affiliation, and company type (commercial or governmental)
  • Connexion information: logs
  • Documents downloads history

These data are collected for the specific purpose of operating the portal, authorizing access to documentation according to applicable regulations, and monitoring portal usage.

We are committed to protecting your personal information and complying with data protection regulations (GDPR). Therefore, the collected data will be retained for specific durations:

  • External User Data: Data is retained for the duration of customer support service, and access is closed after one year of inactivity.
  • Safran Seats Employee Data: Data is deleted after three (3) years of inactivity.

As part of Safran's legitimate interest in securing its information system by ensuring traceability, connection and access logs are also processed and kept for one year; documents download logs are kept according to Safran Group archiving policy ; all logs are only accessible by administrators and the IT security team.

Access to the personal data is restricted to authorized personnel within our Support and Services Department, as well as Information Systems Administrators, who are subject to strict confidentiality obligations.
All data is stored on Safran's server located in France.

Each person has the right to access, rectify, delete, limit and port their personal data, as well as the right to object, which can be exercised by contacting the Safran Personal Data Protection Officer:

Each person may also file a complaint with the French data control authority ( The exercise of your rights will not lead to any form of discrimination on the part of Safran and the data will not be sold.